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Here are the rules of Chit Chat City game!
I believe that these rules apply to the forums too!
Please follow these rules:

1. This is a PG rated game that should be safe for kids: explicit language, sexual, violent, racist, sexist acts/language and visually inappropriate avatars or objects will NOT be tolerated and will result in permanent ban.

2. Remember to be respectful to others. If someone is bothering you, use the Block button first.

3. Always respect Moderators requests. Failure to do so may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

4. Please keep religious views, sexual orientations and politic preferences to yourself.

5. Spamming (repeating the same message multiple times) is not allowed.

Since on the forum you can not block anyone, please send a mail to any of the mods and we will let matt know thank you.

Here are some basic forum rules in case you are unfamiliar:

1. Please keep discussions in respected categories.

2. Do not post hateful things about others or they will be removed.

3. Please promote your blog in promotion only, no where else.

4. Please be respectful of every ones opinion unless it violates a major rule then please inform a mod.

5. This is a ccc forum, so lets keep it related to ccc (if you wish to talk about other things do it in the general category).

6. Suggestions category is for suggestions for ccc or the forum only.

7. Help is for questions about the forum and ccc only.

8. Promotion is for your shop or blog only.

9. General is about any topic you wish to discuss is within the ccc pg game guidelines only.

10. Remember that CCC is a game for kids, so keep the topics appropriate!

11. Do not write all the stuff in caps even your thread name.

12. Do not post peoples names on the forum, like she/he hacked me or she/he is being mean to me on ccc/forum.

13. please do not make threads that were already made, this clutters up the forum.

14. do not spam, this includes commenting " bump " or "bumping" just to get your thread at the top of the list. doing so will have it deleted or closed.

(If you post in the wrong category it will be moved to the correct category where it belongs.)

Please respect all rules, Thank you!

Originally posted on official CCC forums by Matt, posted from .Redskull.

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