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Post by Vocaloid101 on Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:39 am

Hey guys!

So I decided to recreate the old recreation of Matt's recreated forum. (too many 'recreates' LOL)
Please enjoy it, share the link, etc. and please act like this is the original forum Matt owned back in 2011/2015.

I've spent all night reprogramming features and hiding irrelevant links, pages, etc. This website makes coding look easy (enjoyed it very much TBH). If you have any suggestions for certain features you'd like to use, or links you want access to, I'd be glad to code them so they show up again. But pleeeeeeeeease make your suggestions worth my while! If you're a moderator on CCC and you're reading/thinking of joining, please message me in-game so I can make you a moderator for the forums. It doesn't really matter but y'all might like it.

Thank you so much for joining and revisiting it! As a small refresher, please don't:

1. Ask to become a forum moderator
2. Mention other users inappropriately
3. Share inappropriate media/content

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